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About RK Enterprises

R.K.Enterprises had entered as a pioneer to change the trend of using Traditional Identity Cards which plays a vital role to represent your Brand Value.

Mr.U .A.Kazi, an adorable Multi-tasker who founded R.K.Enterprises by simultaneously running his profession as a Professor.
He is providing Qualityful Products & Services all over Maharashtra since last Three Years Successfully.


Our Mission

To Provide best Products to satisfy the Client with more advanced Techniques, Creativity and Reliability.

Our Vission

To Spread all over Maharashtra from Rural to Urban and make our Product as a Trend.


Why Us...?

Provide High Quality of Products within Affordable Cost.
Deliver Service within Timeline.
Proper Guidance to select Accurate Product for your BRAND.
We Support to maintain your BRAND Credibility.
Advanced Products to make your Information more secure.
Thermal Resin Process to make Product more attractive and Durable.

our services

......Well Known for Quality & Service......

School Bags

School Uniforms

School Belts

School Shoes


our products

......Well Known for Quality & Service......


Identity Cards

We provide both White and preprinted Sticky Cards.
We provide good Quality with Laminated attractive Cards.
Cards are durable without Fading Problems.
Multi Color Lanyard also available.
Maintain your Brand Credibility.

PVC Digital Cards

Advanced technique of Direct Printing.
Cost Effective, Attractive and Secure.
Both Front & Back Print on Plastic Surface.
Water Resistant Product.
Reverse Transfer Printing to make Durable.
Multi Color Printing.


RFID Cards

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)uses�
electromagnetic fields.
The tags contain electronically stored information.
RFID is one method for�Automatic Identification and Data Capture.

Barcode Cards

Barcodes are a series of wide and narrow bars that can be scanned.
You can scan a barcode with your barcode scanner
and it will bring up the information stored on your POS system.


Proximity Id Cards

Proximity Cards and Credentials use contactless integrated circuit technology to transmit security data or payment information from a distance.
Prox cards are usually used as electronic keys in access control systems to unlock doors.

Magnetic Strip Cards

Magnetic stripes or mag stripes, are the dark strip of magnetic material often seen on the back of gift cards.
Mag stripe cards are also used in access control as key cards, as well as on ID cards.


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